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Paul J Ciclitira

Professor of Gastroenterology

Proceedures performed by Prof. Paul J Ciclitira


Examination of the whole colon with a colonoscope. The patient must follow the preparation procedure prior to the investigation. The procedure is usually undertaken with intravenous sedation and analgesia. To see colonoscopy diet and preparation, click here. To see details on having a colonoscopy, click here.

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Examination of the left colon (about 60 cm of the colon) with a colonoscope. Patients will receive a phosphate enema after which the investigation will be undertaken with or without sedation.


Examination of the stomach with a fibre optic instrument called an endoscope. Patients may not eat or drink (not even water) for six hours prior to the investigation. Throat spray or intravenous sedation may be administered, according to the patients' wishes. The patients should be accompanied home if they receive sedation.

During any of the above procedures, the Professor will, if appropriate, remove polyps or dilate strictures.