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Paul J Ciclitira

Professor of Gastroenterology

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Colonoscopy Diet and Description of the Procedure

All patients require bowel preparation before colonoscopy to ensure adequate views and safety. Please follow the following regime below:

One day before the procedure:

8:00 You may have breakfast. This must be of low residue i.e. you may have boiled egg with white bread or toast and tea/coffee with a little milk. You may not have cereal, brown bread, fruit or fruit juice and jam or marmalade.
After this meal you may not have any more solid food until after the colonoscopy. You must drink plenty of clear fluids. This includes water, tea/coffee without milk, fruit squash, fizzy drinks, and clear soups. Fresh fruit juices and milk should be avoided completely as should high coloured drinks such as Ribena.

10:00 Take first sachet of Picolax

15:30 Take second sachet of Picolax.

On the day of the procedure:

You must not take any food or drink by mouth six hours prior to your investigation.


You are not allowed ANY SOLID FOOD but only clear fluids from the day preceding the examination and on the day of the appointment.

You must not have
Solid food - which includes not only such items as meat, bread, eggs, cereal, vegetables and fruit but also any food containing milk (milk is food).

You may have
Clear Fluids - which include water, black tea or coffee, fruit juices (the smooth varieties without pulp, not those containing small particles of fruit) and clear soups. If you decide to have tinned or packet soups you must check the label to make sure no milk products are included. You may also have clear non-carbonated soft drinks.